3 Things You Don’t Want That America is Rethinking

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Today we are in desperate times. There is a lot of wrong going on in the world. And our nation is crumbling under the weight of unjust and corrupt systems. America is rethinking its agendas, and this could spell trouble for the world. America, once a nation that could be counted on to stand strong on truth and principle, now is tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. This is created instability on even the most foundational levels. America is rethinking what it wants and what it believes in.


1. America is Rethinking Media


The news channels these days are broadcasting more scandals and unimportant events than ever before. It’s like they want to mask what is really going on. They don’t want the truth to come out. The media is one giant conglomeration of biased news that reveals the world only in part. The media is not concerned about bringing corruption to light. They’d rather focus on celebrity lifestyles and elaborate scandals.

America is rethinking their interpretation of the role that the media is meant to play. Originally, the media was set up to keep the government accountable to the people. Newspapers were exercising their right of free speech to reveal what the government and its entities were up to. But that mode of thinking is being replaced by a new kind of media. One that is all about celebrities and profit.


2. America is Rethinking Business


America has always been known as a great place to build your own business. In fact, 89.6% of all its businesses have less than 20 employees. That means that the massive majority of businesses are started by an average individual with a dream. But with the growth of America’s commerce has come something else. Americans are worried that businesses are out to get them. They think businesses are only concerned with the bottom line and getting their money. This may or may not be the case. However, America is rethinking its ideas of business. The truth is, a lot of business do in fact only care about the money. And this gives capitalism a bad representation. Therefore, America is drawing away from building solid new businesses.


3. America is Rethinking the Education System


Education is one of the pillars of the American economy. The reason for education is obvious, but America is rethinking it. Education should be Constitutionally based. That is, talk about and adhere to Constitutional values. However, it is no longer this way. Children are being taught that the Constitution and principles set up by the Founding Fathers are outdated. They are being instructed that the original intent of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches doesn’t matter. They are pressed to believe in the rule of the majority. That our nation should turn more Democratic and against its Republican roots. With this development, we should be concerned about the future of our nation and the world.

Our nation is changing. America is rethinking its idea of media, business, and education.  But we can stand strong. That is the only way we will be sustained. Pray for our nation. Pray for our government. And stand together to uphold the values and guiding principles of the Constitution and founding documents.

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