3 Books that will Encourage Your Faith

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We all go through various stages of life and have ups and downs in our faith. There are a few things I do to awaken my own faith. And they may work to encourage your faith as well. One of them is to read. Because reading a book gives stimulation in our mind and works to feed our soul in a form that is unlike anything else. There is a reason why most of the smartest men in the world were avid book readers. They promoted their intelligence by the thoughts of others in the books that they read.

The Importance of Feeding Your Soul and Stimulating Your Mind


If we are to be a people that change our nation and the world back to Biblical principles, we’re going to need to be at our best. And if your soul is starving or your mind is lethargic, how can you expect to affect that change? It is not good enough to want to make America great again. You must do the work it will take.

Book reading is one of the most mind-sharpening tools there is. This means that when you read, you are really increasing your intelligence. And the stimulation it brings is vital to problem-solving and being creative. To feed your soul is to satisfy your hunger to grow. One way God feeds your soul with new revelation and insight is through reading.


1. The Bible, Old and New Testament


The Bible is probably the most important book you can read to encourage your faith. It has concepts and the history of God’s story that no other book possesses. Every book was inspired by God to teach us how to live and operate. And it shows us the values that will save our nation from its distress.

As a Christian, you should read the Bible daily. And not just the New Testament. It is all one book. The Old Testament is in there for a reason so don’t push it aside as irrelevant. Every book in the Bible is important and you can learn from each one. Therefore, I would encourage everyone to read the whole Bible through if you can. The revelation you will receive will change your life.


2. Let’s Study Greek!


Though this is an unconventional read, the study of Greek can really give insight into the Bible. Knowing Greek unlocks many secrets hidden within the translation that you might not notice otherwise. This book specifically is known for its straightforward nature and classroom approval. Studying Greek can encourage your faith by granting new revelations about the Bible.


3. Two Treatises of Government by John Locke


This book reveals the principles by which our country was founded. All in historical context. The advantage of reading a book like this is that it reveals how much our Founding Fathers really determined what they did off of faith. Faith is what America was founded on. And faith is where it should remain. So to encourage your faith consider reading about the Founders who had great faith themselves.

So remember to increase your book reading. Most of all, I recommend these three books as great opportunities for feeding the soul and stimulating your mind. What are some things you do besides reading to encourage your faith?

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