The Bible is the Best Safeguide for Ethical and Moral Choices

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In previous ReThink with Don Wood episodes, I’ve talked about the need for a plumbline. Something that you can use to measure your decisions. And I’ve also talked about how the Bible and your internal plumb line is the best thing you can have. A relationship with Jesus is how you’ll be able to safeguard your behavior and politics. You also need a plumb line for the ethical and moral choices that you’ll encounter throughout this life.

Today I want to talk specifically about the Bible being the best plumb line. It is a book that has revelations that have been corroborated throughout centuries of time and practice by millions of people. And when it comes to a healthy democracy, it is pivotal that there is a strong moral plumb line like the Bible to guide us.


The Christianity of the Founding Fathers


Ethical and moral choices were one of the primary concerns of the Founding Fathers. Through the study of other civilizations and governments, they became very familiar with what worked and what fell apart. So when they set up this government, they brought the assumption that without an ethical and moral measuring tool it would all fall to pieces.

Most of the founders of this great nation were practicing Christians. Their viewpoints differed, but many of them were of the Presbyterian, Baptist or Anglican influence. In fact, Benjamin Franklin, who is considered one of the least religious of the Fathers, said in his diary that he would arise in the mornings to read his New Testament in Greek before he began his day. This tells us that Christian principles were held in high regard by the people who set up our democratic system. And they knew that these principles needed to be encouraged in the people if we as a nation were to succeed.


The Different Versions of the Bible


There are many, many different versions of the Bible. I myself read the Greek Bible, having studied this language in depth. Greek is such a precise language so it offers a facet to the Bible that nothing else does.

Another version I recommend, however, for an English version, is the New American Standard Version. I have found that this one is one of the most literary accurate. Because of this, I would endorse this version over the NIV and most others. I encourage you to study the Bible every day. The Founding Fathers were familiar with Bible language, Bible principles, and what Jesus does in people’s lives. And they knew that this was the best safeguide for ethical and moral choices. We should make it ours too.


Good Government and Self-Government


Good government stems from self-government. And self-government comes from Christian principles in action. Industry, self-government, and a care for others doesn’t come from anything less than an understanding of the need for a proper safeguide for ethical and moral choices. It is this safeguide that pulls people back to governing their own affairs through honesty and integrity. We will talk more about this in the future. This is Don Wood, let’s think about it.

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