Let’s Re:Think About God’s DNA… Do You Have God’s DNA?

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Hello there. I am Don Wood. Above everything I do, I like to put God first. Let’s think about something. The earth reminds me of God and His DNA. From a scientific stand point, DNA holds the blueprint to our bodies development and function. DNA is God’s natural method of reproducing the next generation. What’s your DNA? If you think you are going to be a religious person or a religious leader, let’s re:think. There’s only one DNA that has life. The DNA of God.

What DNA do you have?

Once you begin pursuing the Lord, everything changes. As a result of giving Him all of your life, the Holy Spirit begins to change your heart. The Holy Spirit changes your nature. In the Bible, it talks about how we are made new again in the spirit. We are given a new life. God imprints His DNA in you. His DNA is life from heaven. Life from heaven means the Holy Spirit convicting you. You begin to walk the path of righteousness; born again by the seed of the word of God.

God’s DNA changes you…

Whenever God’s DNA is in you, you become a hybrid. Human nature, God’s nature. You’re born again, born from above. He changes you from the inside out. Religion changes you from outside in. When you’re born again, a new heart is inside of you. A new spirit is inside of you. In other words, just as Jesus was raised from the dead are you too.

Begin to turn away from trusting yourself and trusting religion. Fear of religion isn’t of God. You don’t please Jesus for your salvation. People tend to confuse that God to be angry. Instead, Jesus gets you. After all, it’s better to experience the life and love of Jesus than religion. If you visit a barn doesn’t mean your a cow. If you go into a church, it doesn’t make you a christian.

To summarize, you might think you have the real thing. But, you might not have the DNA of God and miss the life of Jesus. Don’t be afraid to give him your all. In the meantime, you never know what might happen.

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