3 Questions Regarding God, Israel, America and the Woodshed…

By November 22, 2016 No Comments

A few questions to ask yourself…

Do you wake up every morning anticipating what you and the Lord will do? Or do you find yourself in the woodshed? God can be disciplining you and correcting you. The Bible talks about God disciplining his sons and daughters and I think this is something that needs to be considered more often. This discipline is God’s way of revealing something greater that we don’t know yet. The more that I think about this during my quiet time, the more God reveals the questions we need to ask ourselves.

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Before I ask this first question, I want you to visualize something about our lives and our country. Israel and it’s land, is a lot like us and our neighborhoods. Over a thousand years ago, Israel rejected God and ended up falling under the judgement of God. Enemies surrounded it and disciplined it, but this eventually lead to it’s failure.
This example is a parable of what goes on with the church and the world in our modern times.

What does this mean in the bigger picture? America is in the woodshed, which is just another way of saying that we are being discipled but have not yet failed. This is our gleam of hope because there are still things that we can do to pull ourselves out of this situation. The following questions are intended to steer you in this path.

Question 1…

Is your life going well? full of joy?

Question 2…

Is church a satisfying delightful place to go?

Question 3…

Family, finances, health flourishing?

I want you to ask yourself these three questions every morning. Always remember: God is correcting you, discipling you, training you for the purpose of righteousness.

The reality of these questions is that they will make you ask more questions. Questions like:
What happened to liberty and freedom? This is a good thing because God is speaking to you.

God will bless you but, He will also discipline you.
It is comforting to know that God calls you back to himself.
Walk with Him like a son would.

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