Re:Think With Don on 3 Ways America has Lost Its Moorings

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This time on Re:Think with Don, I want to go over some things I’ve been talking about for a while now. But they are no less poignant or important to think about when it comes to our nation. And not only think, but act on for the preservation of America. Act in a way that grounds us back to our roots and the honest values. Actions that stand against the corruption in our government, business, banks, and schools.


1. The People in Government Have No Familiarity With Our Founding Documents


We need to be people of the constitution. If we the people of the United States of America don’t know what the basis of our freedom stands on, how are we to remain free? Unfortunately, there is very little knowledge around our founding documents and the Constitution among the very people in the government who are supposed to be championing them for us. It is becoming more and more apparent that the people are going to have to stand up for the values and ethics spelled out by the Constitution. If not you, who will?

I’m reading John Locke’s Two Treatises of Government and the Federalist Papers. These are both books that were written around the time of the founding of our nation. They maintain the values upheld by the founding fathers. The founding fathers knew that men are prone to corruption. And they valued systems and ethics that kept men in power in check. By removing these values from our governmental system, we are opening up ourselves to a host of problems. Corruption being at the top of the list.


2. The State of the Banks and the U.S. Federal Reserve


On previous Re:Think with Don blogs I have talked about the monetary system in America. Let’s revisit this.

There is a host of issues surrounding the practices of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Not only has the Reserve left the gold standard and the backing of our printed money with actual value, but they are printing at an unprecedented scale. The Federal Reserve refuses to accept outside monitoring. This is leading to corruption inside our own monetary system. They preach economic growth. But what they are giving are unpopular and an increased amount of bailouts. Now other nations are printing excess money as well, creating it out of thin air and driving inflation.

And the banks are no better. The banking industry is driving our country into massive debt in an attempt to enhance their own bottom line. Wells Fargo was recently involved in quite a scandal involving fraud to drive end-of-year bonuses. This cannot stand.


3. The Plumb Line


In Amos 7:7-9 God talks to the prophet Amos about a plumb line. A plumb line provides a standard against which a builder can compare what he is constructing. It basically tests to reveal the uprightness of one’s work. In this passage of the Bible God is concerned with the standard of righteousness among the Israelites. Likewise in America, there is a plumb line being held up telling us that our wall is crooked. This is the time we need to realign our standards with truth and upstanding values.

Hope you enjoyed this Re:Think with Don. I could keep going. And I think I will.

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