How You Have the Inalienable Right to Speak Your Heart

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God created you with rights that cannot be taken away from you. and no matter what your economic or social level, you have the freedom to speak your heart. This is one of your inalienable rights.


What is an Inalienable Right?


Inalienable rights pertain to rights that cannot be taken away from you. They cannot be removed. They are a part of your human nature. God gave you the right to speak. To speak up.

Rights that are inalienable are not subject to a particular culture or government. They are universal. One of your inalienable rights is the right to speak your heart about the truth.


 God Created Us to be Free


As well as giving you the right to speak your heart, God created you with the right to freedom. Freedom is the practical sign that a nation is at its best. Well, we have lost a lot of our freedom lately because of the fear to stand up and speak out.

One of the highest assurances of freedom is speaking out against anything that would hinder it. Maintaining freedom is hard work. And it isn’t free. It may cost you being comfortable. It may require you to get out of your comfort zone and speak your heart.


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Speak Up, Speak Out


So giving your heart a voice means helping to ensure your own freedom. And not only yours but the freedom of your children and grandchildren. If you don’t speak up now, you may see their freedom taken away in the future years.

I say speak up and speak out because the case is strong against freedom. There are always going to be those who want to take our freedom away. They are out to steal it from us in any way they can. But the good thing is, we can do something about. Your voice holds power. It holds power among your coworkers, your church family, and among anyone you come into contact with.

Now, that does not mean to place yourself in constant battles that you cannot win. But take responsibility to know the truth and stand up for it. If you don’t, some may never hear of it. And that will lead us down a path that inhibits freedom piece by piece.


Your Voice Against Corruption


Corruption is the bane of freedom. Corrupt power does not hold freedom dear like you do. Corruption puts the common people at a disadvantage because it only cares about what it can do to gain more money and power. So it is imperative that as the American people, we speak out against corruption. There is a great deal of good that can be done simply by professing truth and condemning corruption.

You might think that your voice alone doesn’t matter. Well, I’m here to tell you that you might just be one voice, but there is a great impact when it is combined with the voices of other American citizens. And it is not just your words that speak out, it is your heart. When you speak your heart, you are showing the people who may be acting in corruption that you care. And that you will not stand for it. This plays a huge role in getting rid of corruption.

So will you take a stand with me? What does it mean to you to speak your heart?

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