How as a Citizen You Can Expose Corruption

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Hello again, this is Don Wood. I want to talk today about how you can expose corruption with your voice. There is a corruption in the human heart that is trying to turn our nation and our people away from God. The government cannot keep this type of corruption in check. Only Jesus and His Kingdom and Him being preached can change it.

It is our duty as citizens of the United States to think about the ramifications of corruption in our nation. Because the moment we ignore it or don’t do anything about it is the moment when we lose our freedom. The key to bringing everything back into a state of advancing freedom is found in the Bible. But preachers don’t want to talk about this. They would rather become people-pleasers who’s only care is to keep up appearances. They would rather be found in a balancing act than passionate about the restoration of our nation.


The State is Not the Answer, You Are


When it comes to the power of influence, many people tend to think that they have little say in what happens in our nation. However, this is not true. Quite possibly the greatest aspect of our nation is that everyone has a voice. And our individual voices can contribute to the overall voice of truth.

Vincent Van Gogh once said,

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”


Our Duty


Not only can you have a say when it comes to the agendas of our nation, but you have a responsibility. Our great Founding Fathers did what they could to give the American people a voice. And now it is up to us to use it. And it’s not hard. Your congressmen and congresswomen are just a letter away. You can expose corruption by using what assets you have, like access to your representatives.


Church Leaders


Church leaders and pastors have unique opportunities to utilize their voice for good. When they preach Jesus and His Kingdom, things shift in our nation. But the problem is that most of them aren’t. I have listened to countless sermons waiting to hear substance that represented Kingdom values. Only to be disappointed.

My hope is that two things will bring our pastors back to talking about the values that have made America one of the greatest nations in history. Number one, that your example would inspire them to use their platform wisely and be immersed in truth. When you use your voice, they will be encouraged to use theirs. Number two, that you would provide feedback about their content. Now do not use this as an opportunity to judge or even state your personal opinion. Rather, share your observations. As Christians, we constantly need to be sharpening each other.


The Power of Our Words and the Key to Restoring Our Nation


As I stated before, your voice has influence. No matter what economic or social level you are on, you can produce a change in our nation by standing for the truths of the Bible and the values of our Founding Fathers. So will you use your voice to help our great nation? You can expose corruption. But you have to choose.

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